Library Tips #10: Entertainment and Leisure Reading

2017-05-05T13:18:47-05:00By |Library Tips|

Make time for leisure reading. Hey! Academic libraries aren't just for serious academic research. The SRSU Library offers *free* access to print and digital periodicals, newspapers, bestsellers and visual media, such as DVDs. Take advantage of a little bit of leisure time -- you know, the time between next week and the beginning [...]

Library Tips #7: Research is Messy

2017-04-07T11:32:07-05:00By |Library Tips|

Now that so much information is accessible online, it's easy to get confused about types of information sources -- what's what and what's useful -- whether or not it's accessed from one of the Library's many subscription databases, through our Discovery System, in our local catalog or from the free internet. Because of different information source formats, different content [...]

Library Tips #6: The TexShare Card

2017-03-31T14:18:17-05:00By |Library Tips|

One special perk of being a current SRSU student, faculty or staff member is the eligibility to apply for a TexShare Card. The TexShare Card entitles you to borrow books at any participating library throughout Texas. This means access to the most resources by the most people all across our state. So, where do you sign up? [...]

Library Tips #5: More Than Books

2017-03-24T12:37:47-05:00By |Library Tips|

Did you know the Bryan Wildenthal Memorial Library houses more than just books? [iframe src="//" width="480" height="304.5783132530121" frameBorder="0" class="giphy-embed" allowFullScreen>] John Lennon's dismissive duh via GIPHY Well, believe it or not -- and aside from the completely separate and amazing Archives of the Big Bend on the second level about which you will read more in [...]

Library Tips #4: Databases A-Z

2017-03-10T13:51:27-05:00By |Library Tips|

Searching individual databases found using Databases A-Z is an alternative to researching using the EBSCO Discovery System -- what we sometimes call EDS or the Discovery System -- on the library's homepage. Learn more about searching the Discovery System here. This semester, we updated and transferred our list of subscription databases to SRSU Library Databases A-Z, a [...]

Library Tips #3: More Services from Library Staff

2017-03-03T09:04:22-05:00By |Library Tips|

L to R: SRSU Library Conference Room; SWTJC Del Rio Library; Archives of the Big Bend via @SRSULibrary on Instagram Below, find out more about some new and some tried-and-true services available to you. Most of these services are local to Alpine, but we will work with distance education students, faculty and staff to coordinate [...]

New Series: Library Tips

2017-02-17T10:22:25-05:00By |Library Tips|

Welcome to a new series of bite-sized library tips. Each Friday, we'll share something about our services -- both virtual and physical -- here on the blog. The Library is here to support you and to support student learning outcomes. Please think of us and contact us with your suggestions, ideas for collaboration and more. So, [...]

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