Reproduction Fee Schedule

Reproduction and or publication of all materials in the holdings of the Archives of the Big Bend is subject to condition of the material, laws including but not limited to copyright, privacy and other applicable laws, terms and conditions of the donation, and any terms and conditions imposed by the Texas State University System.

**Payment must be made at time of order — We are able to accept cash, checks, & money orders only.**

Reproduction Cost Fees

Photographs – prints/scans

Digital  Scans $5.00 per image
CD/DVD $1.00

Prints on Archival Photo Paper (prices are for any size image printed on the below paper sizes)

8½ x 11 $7.00
11½x16½ $12.00
13 x 19 $15.00
17 x 22 $20.00


17  x  36 $25.00
17  x  47 $50.00
17  x  72 $75.00

**Postal Mailing Costs if applicable.**

Maps – prints/scans

Digital Scans $5.00 per scan required to complete entire map (varies by size)
See fee schedule for special services for stitching
$1.00 per CD/DVD required
Prints on Archival Paper Same fee schedule as for photographs
Transaction and mailing Same fee schedule as for photographs

XEROX- copies/printouts (in house)

Black and white Color
8 ½ x 11 $0.10 per page 8 ½ x 11 $0.25 per page
8 ½ x 14 $0.10 per page 8 ½ x 11 $0.25 per page
11 x 17 $0.25 per page 11 x 17 $0.50 per page

**Double sided copies are charged for each pass – ie: a double sided 8 ½ x 11 b/w copy is charged at 20 cents.**

XEROX- copies/printouts (mailed)

$5.00 flat charge for orders of 20 pages or less if mailed for b/w 8 ½ x 11 & 8 ½ x 14.

**Postal Mailing charges applied as appropriate for all other: larger orders, sizes, etc.**

Scans, non-photo, non-map

 Sent electronically up to 20 pages Free
 Sent electronically above 20 pages $5.00 transaction fee plus $0.10 per page
On CD or DVD First 20 pages free; $0.10 per page above 20; $1.00 for cost of disk
Plus postal mailing fee if applicable

Special scanning, compositing, printing services

For photographs, Maps, fragile documents, print materials, oversize, etc. $25.00 per hour

RUSH SERVICE – on a case by case basis, minimum of $25.00 per order.

LARGE ORDERS – on a case by case basis.

Publication of photographs or other archival material

 Minimum of $25.00 per image per use, in addition to production fees.
Display in a Public Space or Business – $25.00 per image per site, in addition to production fees.
Higher fees depending upon application, commercial publications, films, etc. apply.

Research for off-site patrons

Initial assessment and general search, free up to one hour.
Additional $25.00 per hour as staffing permits.

**Services (particularly extra/special) of the Archives are managed within a framework to balance all patrons’ needs, the workload of the staff, and the resources of the Archives.**

-Prices effective September 1, 2018-