Your library recently added the following online resources to support your research:

HeinOnline Gun Regulation and Legislation in America

This database brings together more than 500 titles dealing with this difficult and important topic. Included are periodicals, key compiled federal legislative histories, relevant congressional hearings, CRS Reports, Supreme Court briefs, and more. Links to nearly 500 scholarly articles, an extensive bibliography, and a balanced selection of external resources to further research this subject are also provided. Research the National Firearms Act, the United States v. Miller and District of Columbia v. Heller decisions, and other key aspects of this subject.

Westlaw Campus Research

This database offers current, comprehensive coverage of law, business and news, including hundreds of newswires, business, trade and professional journals and publications, and superior law-related resources, including both primary law and analysis. These include:

  • State & Federal Cases
  • Statutes & Court Rules
  • American Law Reports (ALR)
  • United States Code Annotated (USCA)
  • Code of Federal Regulations (CFR)
  • U.S. Supreme Court Briefs, Petitions & Joint Appendices
  • U.S. Public Laws
  • Federal Register
  • Over 800 law reviews and journals

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