She was a geology professor here in the 1970’s.

The Archives of the Big Bend has a brief biographical file on Nancy Clayton in the Sul Ross State University Collection that includes the following:

She is listed as an instructor of geology in the 1975-1977 SRSU Bulletin.  There is a photograph of her in the 1977 Brand yearbook, page 32.  A mention of her as a   member of the geology faculty appears in the Clifford B. Casey collection, and Casey’s  Sul Ross State University book (page 250).

WorldCat lists a 1975 thesis, Land Use  Planning: Dinosaur Mountain Area, Pinal County, Arizona.  From Arizona State Univ.

Another article I found in the database GeoRef is:

Clayton, Nancy, “Abiquiu agate”

Gems and Minerals, September 1980, Issue 515, pp. 42-45

We have copies of this article and her Dissertation on the InfoDesk computer in a Nancy Clayton folder on the Desktop.

Also, in Sul Ross State University: The Cultural Center of Trans-Pecos Texas, 1917-1975 by Dr. Clifford B. Casey (R378.764932 C 338S), on page 250 there is a mention of Clayton as part of the Geology Department faculty for the year 1975-76. However it does not mention her research or specialization, just that she was a faculty member here and the three courses she taught.