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Celebrating Fair Use Week: February 24 through 28

2020-01-24T16:27:15-05:00By |Library News|

Alongside the Association of Research Libraries, we're celebrating Fair Use as February winds down! Fair Use is an extremely important aspect of copyright doctrine -- the exceptions to the rules that enable use of material in certain circumstances, such as in a classroom setting. According to Jessica Aiwuyor at ARL, "[Fair Use] facilitate[s] balance in [...]

Database Spotlight: Choice Reviews Online

2020-01-24T16:43:15-05:00By |Library News|

Like most academic libraries, the librarians at Sul Ross rely on the expertise and recommendations of our faculty to ensure that our library collections are current, dynamic, and relevant. Thanks to innovation from Collection Development and Serials Librarian Elizabeth Davis, faculty participation in collection development is about to get a whole lot easier (and greener!) [...]

New in January: More Flipster titles for your reading pleasure

2020-01-06T15:11:40-05:00By |Library News|

Happy new year, Lobos! With your help and suggestions, we have added new titles to the Flipster collection of online magazines. Flipster makes it very easy for you to read magazines on your computer, smartphone, or other internet-enabled device. Start by downloading the Flipster app and finding the Sul Ross State University Library collection. You'll log [...]

Tidying Up in the Interim

2019-12-13T17:57:28-05:00By |Library News|

Today is the day of Fall Commencement (Congrats, Grads!) which means the past few days have been pretty quiet around the Library. Fall classes are long over and finals are all but graded. So now is the time when librarians really get to work. You may notice a few things being shifted here on the [...]

After break, let’s DeStress!

2019-11-26T16:31:07-05:00By |Library Events, Library News|

Along with the rest of Sul Ross State University, the Library will be closed Wednesday, November 27 through Sunday, December 1 for the Thanksgiving holiday. But, as you've seen the news and heard the rumors: finals are coming! Again! We've got your back with the return of DeStress Fest. Here's what you need to know [...]

Week 11 Results

2019-11-19T15:50:14-05:00By |NFL Pick 'Ems|

Week 11 included 31 participants. The tiebreaker was 41 and the winner was Dwayne R. Go, Dwayne! Read on below for the official stats. Rank Name Games Tiebreaker Earned Points 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Dwayne R Cindy S Candes S Matt T Ashton L Andrew D Lupita [...]

Week 10 Results

2019-11-19T16:04:07-05:00By |NFL Pick 'Ems|

Rebecca T took the trophy home in Week 1, but neither she, nor Paul S, nor Angel R elected to take a prize, so fourth place winner Kadarius P wins too! Rank Name Games Tiebreaker Earned Points 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Rebecca T Paul S Angel R [...]

Week 9 Results

2019-11-06T12:04:33-05:00By |NFL Pick 'Ems|

Week 9 saw 42 participants playing the NFL Pick 'Ems. We're still going strong! The tiebreaker was 55 points and the winner this week was Angel R. Angel will not be claiming a prize, nor will the runner up Paul S. The prize will be awarded to third place picker Lupita I. Rank [...]

Week 8 Results

2019-11-06T11:39:15-05:00By |NFL Pick 'Ems|

Week 8 Results: Rank Name Games Tiebreaker Earned Points 1 2 3 4 5 6 6 8 8 8 8 Beatriz V Juston J Scott C Angel R Christian J Jadon W Armando S Jessie L Matt T Andrew D Damian P 15 14 14 14 14 14 14 13 13 13 13 [...]

Week 7 Results

2019-10-22T13:39:51-05:00By |NFL Pick 'Ems|

During Week 7, 42 people participated. The winner was Juston J and the tiebreaker was 33. Rank Name Games Tiebreaker Earned Points 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 10 Juston J Jadon W Beatriz V Bradi N Susan S Bo'Justin M Tyler T Christian J Resa T Dwayne R [...]

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